Welcome to my website! I am Ned Ellis, a student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign currently getting my B.S. in Computer Engineering. Recently I have taken up studying the properties of distributed system and implementing advanced data structures and algorithms in addition to finishing my final semester at school. In the following weeks and months I hope to start writing and publishing in depth explanations to obscure algorithms and data structures I find to be neat in my notes section. This summer I will be interning as a software engineer at Databricks .

I believe strongly in project based learning and have worked on several interesting projects in and out of the classroom including implementing a Linux kernel, writing my own programming language, making a distributed and fault tolerant map reduce framework and most recently, creating my own pipelined RISC V processor. You can find in depth articles about these things and more in my projects section.

Unfortunately I do not have enough time to keep this blog up to date on a regular basis but check back semianually to see what I am up to!

This website was made with Svelte , Bulma and Node JS . I am hosting it on my own virtual private server, where it is a docker container reverse proxied by Traefik . The TLS certificate is being provided for free courtesy of Lets Encrypt . There should be a link to the site's source code at the footer of every page.